Food does not compost in a landfill. It is encased in an environment with no water and no oxygen. Don't get us wrong, landfills are necessary so that we don't have trash and toxins lying all over the place, but the nutrients and organic matter from organic waste are much better utilized in composting.

As it says in this New York Times article:

"After 20 years of sorting through garbage cans and landfills, the archaeologist William L. Rathje has accumulated precious memories. There are the 40-year-old hot dogs, perfectly preserved beneath dozens of strata of waste, and the head of lettuce still in pristine condition after 25 years. But the hands-down winner, the one that still makes him shake his head in disbelief, is an order of guacamole he recently unearthed. Almost as good as new, it sat next to a newspaper apparently thrown out the same day. The date was 1967."

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